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Meet Our Price Explainers

Apparel & Textile

Anik Yusuf

Anik Yusuf

Anik Yusuf has always held a deep interest in textiles and clothing. After studying Textile Engineering at university, he gained valuable experience working at a composite knit factory for several years. This hands-on knowledge, coupled with his academic background, equipped him with unique insights into the world of textiles and clothing.

As an author on Pricexplained.com, Anik enjoys writing about fashion and clothing from a cost perspective. He aims to share his expertise with others who are keen on understanding the intricacies of this fascinating industry.

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Consumer Goods

Roki Rokib

Roki Rokib is a passionate product researcher who loves to explore the various factors that contribute to the pricing of items. With a natural curiosity and fascination for expensive things, he finds himself constantly comparing different products to see how they measure up in terms of cost and value.

Occasionally indulging in trying out expensive products, Roki uses his experiences and observations to write compelling articles on Pricexplained.com. As an author, he delights in uncovering the stories and reasons behind the pricing of a diverse range of products, helping readers make informed decisions when shopping.

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