Why Are Nintendo Joy Cons So Expensive

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably seen the price tag on an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers and wondered why they’re so expensive. After all, they’re just small plastic controllers, right?

The answer is not as simple as you might think. While the size and simplicity of Joy-Cons may suggest limited functionality, they actually pack in a ton of features. Each controller has multiple sensors, motion controls, and HD rumble technology, making them incredibly versatile and responsive.

Furthermore, Nintendo invests heavily in research and development to ensure quality and innovation. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, they prioritize high standards to ensure that their products are built to last.

All these elements – functionality, innovation, and quality – contribute to the premium price tag that comes with the Joy-Con controllers.

What Are Nintendo Joy-Cons?

Nintendo Joy-Cons are the detachable controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch console. They connect to the console wirelessly and can be used as separate controllers for multiplayer games or attached to the Joy-Con grip for a more traditional gaming experience.

What Are Nintendo Joy-Cons?

History of Nintendo Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons were first introduced with the Nintendo Switch console in 2017. They were designed to be versatile and allow for a range of play styles, including motion control and multi-player gaming.

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Features of Nintendo Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons come with a variety of features that make them unique:

Wireless Connectivity

The Joy-Cons connect to the console wirelessly, allowing users to move around freely while playing games.

Motion Control

The Joy-Cons have built-in sensors that allow for motion control, which is useful for games that require physical movement.

Joy-Con Grip

The Joy-Con grip is an attachment that allows users to combine the left and right Joy-Cons into a more traditional controller shape.

Why Are Nintendo Joy-Cons So Expensive

Why Are Nintendo Joy Cons So Expensive

Nintendo Joy-Cons are a unique gaming accessory that come with the Nintendo Switch console. While some may argue that the price of Joy-Cons is steep, there are several reasons for their cost.

Comparison to Other Controllers

Compared to other controllers such as Xbox and PlayStation, Joy-Cons can appear expensive. However, the price isn’t necessarily the same as the quality. Joy-Cons are packed with features that you won’t find in any other controllers, which can be a contributing factor to their price.

R&D Costs and Technology

The development of Joy-Con technology is not an easy feat. Research and development (R&D) costs are expensive and necessary to design console accessories that are innovative, functional, and unique. The cost of creating new technology is often reflected in the final price of the product.

Production and Materials

Joy-Cons are made with quality materials, such as injection-molded plastic. Additionally, their intricate design requires more manufacturing steps than other standard controllers. All of these factors contribute to the high cost of production.

Overall, the cost of Nintendo Joy-Cons is a reflection of their quality, features, and technology. While they may be expensive, they offer a unique gaming experience that cannot be replicated by other controllers.

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How Expensive Are Nintendo Joy-Cons Really?

These prices are just estimates and are subject to change:

How Expensive Are Nintendo Joy-Cons Really
Neon Red/Neon Blue$79.99
Neon Yellow$79.99
Neon Purple/Neon Orange$79.99

Issues with Nintendo Joy-Cons

Nintendo Joy-Cons may offer a unique and innovative gaming experience with their wireless connectivity, motion control, and Joy-Con grip features; however, some users have reported various issues with the controllers.

Drifting problems

One of the most prevalent issues with Nintendo Joy-Cons is the drifting problem. This refers to the joystick on the Joy-Cons registering movement even when the player is not touching it. As a result, the player’s character may move or change direction without any input. This can be frustrating while playing games, particularly in online multiplayer modes.

The cause of Joy-Con drifting is still unknown, although some speculate that it could be due to wear and tear, poor manufacturing, or the frequent use of the Joy-Cons. Despite the issue being widespread and affecting many users, Nintendo has been relatively slow in acknowledging the problem.

They initially offered free repairs for affected Joy-Cons, but this was only a temporary solution as the problem continued to persist.

Durability Issues

Another issue with Nintendo Joy-Cons is their durability. Some users have reported that the controllers wear out quickly, with buttons becoming unresponsive or breaking after a short period of use.

The cause of durability issues could be due to the quality of materials used in Joy-Con production, or the design of the controllers themselves.

To avoid Joy-Con durability issues, some users recommend investing in protective cases or using third-party grips. However, these are merely preventive measures and may not entirely solve the problem.

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Overall, while Nintendo Joy-Cons offer a unique gaming experience, the durability and drifting issues can be a significant deterrent for potential buyers, especially considering the high cost of the controllers.

Alternatives to Nintendo Joy-Cons

If you’re looking for alternatives to Nintendo Joy-Cons, you have a few options to consider.

Alternatives to Nintendo Joy-Cons

Third-Party Controllers

One option is to look for third-party controllers that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Third-party controllers can be less expensive than Nintendo Joy-Cons, and they often come with additional features that Joy-Cons lack, such as turbo buttons or additional grip options.

However, third-party controllers may not have the same level of quality as the official Joy-Cons, and they may not be as reliable.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Another alternative to Joy-Cons is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This controller is more expensive than Joy-Cons, but it has a more traditional design with larger buttons and a comfortable grip.

Compared to Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller is more comfortable to hold and better suited for long gaming sessions. However, the Pro Controller doesn’t have all the same features as Joy-Cons, such as motion control, which may be a dealbreaker for some players.

Ultimately, the best alternative to Nintendo Joy-Cons depends on your personal preferences and budget. It’s worth considering all your options before making a decision.


Nintendo Joy-Cons are expensive due to the high-quality materials used, advanced technology, and development costs. While third-party controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller offer alternatives, they may not offer the same features or convenience.

While Joy-Con drifting and durability issues are a concern, Nintendo has taken steps to address these problems. Overall, the investment in Joy-Cons is worth it for the unparalleled gaming experience they provide.

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